Build and Repair Mould

Plastic injection molds are an important asset of the company.Therefore,regular mold maintenance is important in extending mold life.

Build and Repair Mould

Precision Mould Making

Our team implemented an internal mold maintenance program to keep the mold running in perfect condition.

We also provides in-house mold maintenance, repair and reconstruction services.

Should you need any mold maintenance,we have team to repair and return the mold to its optimum state of operation.

Once the repairs are completed, the molds can be sent to the full service molding department to ensure they are working properly before returning to our client.
Specialist In:

All type of Eng'rg Works

Precision Components Machining

Precision Injection Moulding

Mould Pattern/ Master Mould/ Fiber Glass Mould/ Prototypes Mould/ RIM System (Reinforced Injection Moulding)


Our engineers have built up rich, deep experience from many previous projects, so they can handle complex and precision parts in several industries without a problem.

Advanced Equipment

Exploit Resources has extensive in-house equipment for both manufacturing and testing. Your parts will be manufactured and inspected with our advanced in-house equipment, including HAAS 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC milling, Hexagon CMM, and Olympus XRF analyzer

Fast Turnaround

On average we return quotes within 24 hours, parts ship within 7 days or less, and we have a 99% on-time delivery and quality rate.

Build and repair mould

Why Choose Us

Three reasons to choose us for custom CNC machine.

Build and Repair Mould

CNC Machining Tolerances

With a wide range of CNC machines, we are able to provide stand tolerance CNC machined parts with the most economic price and super precision machined parts for the high-end products. When working with Exploit Resources, we guarantee all parts will be made accordingly to your specification. 

Precision Machining

Aside from standard tolerance CNC parts such as ISO2678M or ISO2678F, Exploit Resources also offers high-precision CNC machining parts. With high precision milling & turning machines, we are able to catch super tight tolerance for prototype machining & production. After being in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years, we discovered a simple formula to produce precision parts Precision machines + Precision heart = Precision parts.

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Since Its incorporation in 2nd October 1997, Exploit Resources Sdn Bhd specialist in the manufacturing of high precision moulds as well as quality plastic injection moulds.

Our market success is based on a highly efficient team of qualified experts with many years of experiences in design, production and sales.

Today, It takes more than just supplying an excellent product, we know that we must convince our customer with good service, creativity and flexibility. Our objectives are to provide quality products and services which meet the demand of our customer and enhance our corporate image in the forefront of moulding and plastic industry.


To be recognized as a highly innovative company providing leading edge of moulding and plastics products in the global market place has benefit customers in Malaysia and outside Malaysia.

Our customers represent the entire spectrum of industry, government agencies and private sectors. We are certainly able to fulfill our customers needs towards our products.

We are constantly upgrading our production technology and education our staff to perform well and do their best to fulfill customers demand and be the lead leader in the moulding and plastic industries.


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